People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants.


Recent times have seen a lot of animal rights activists. These people harp about the rights of animals. They object to use of animals for food, removal of animals in public interest and make a general nuisance of themselves.

Stray dogs! With no definite source of food they often lead lives of suffering that end with painful death due to starvation. But what do our dear animal rights activists say - dont't kill 'em sterilise em.
As if that's gonna keep 'em alive.

Well it doesn't! Hunger drives them wild and they go around attacking tearing up weaker animals and sometimes even humans to satisfy their hunger.

These activists beat their drums about VEGETARIANISM. "Eat plants!" Trees are being cut left and right to satisfy our needs for wood. Wood is used for furniture, paper etc........

Ain't that cute ........ BUT IT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!!
Plants are living beings. They can feel pain. They too live and die.

KINDLY NOTE..........

The plant kingdom performs an important function. Plants recycle all the carbon dioxie and carbon monoxide we produce and help mailtain the oxygen atmosphere we need for our survival. A good plant cover means a good rainfall. Besides plants break the force of the falling rain and prevent floods. Their roots hold together the soil and prevent erosion.

And also note that a vast number of birds and animal make trees their homes.

And yet.....
People object when you kill a chicken for food. No one objects when a potato or carrot plant is pulled up for food. No one cribs about the pain that plant's feel when we pull fruit off the tree!!!!!!!

People object when you kill dogs in public interest because they have gone wild and have attacked man and beast. No one objects when trees are hacked and butchered down to widen a road. And no one objects when we cut trees down to build apartments and resorts. And no one cribs when holes are poked in trees to collect latex for rubber!!!!!

It's apparently inhuman to wear fur coats and leathers apparrel and use animal fur for carpets and rugs. But no one cries for the flowers that we rip out to use for bouquets and wear in our lapels and when we wear stuff made of rubber. No one sheds tears whed wood is used for furniture, for paper, etc...!!!!

Sob ...... sob .........

And no one objects when people kill flies, mosquitos and insects, rats and mice, bacteria and other micro-organisms in a brutal manner and the better interest of the human race.

How can one be so hypocritcal and protect animals while chomping and stomping their way through plant's rights and use plants as an excuse to protect an animal. And they see nothing wrong in thekillingof other animals.

PETP Believes ....
A very common arguement that comes forth when the question of the rights of a plant is raised is that "animals feel the pain, plants dont feel pain."

You can't be further from the truth. Plants don't express pain in a manner that we are able to perceive it. They don't yell or scream or cry or raise a ruckus or................. This does not mean that they don't feel pain. They are living beings, as alive as you and me and every animal that is sought to be protected.

Besides they serve very important purposes. We breathe out a lot of carbon di oxide. Plants break down CO2 and give us the Oxygen atmosphere that is so important to our existence and that of every animal.

PETP believes in equal and ethical treatment for plants. PETP does not say "Don't eat plants". It demands equal status for plants and for animals. If you wanna eat plant based foods go ahead. I'm not stopping you from being a veggie ... BUT leave me alone if I wanna be a non-veggie!!!!!!

PETP does not support the killing of animals for fun or sport. But it does oppose the cribbing and wastage of the time of our criminal courts that animal rights activists undertake when animals are removed in pubilc interest or they are used for food.

PETP does not oppose the eating of plants. It only opposes the "DON'T EAT AN ANIMAL EAT A PLANT INSTEAD" attitude. It believes that even plants are living beings. And though they are inanimate they deserve the same treatment that is sought for animals. " SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" is rule of nature. Nature has created devices to maintain it's harmony. one of these is the food chain.



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