Le Webmaster!

Why did I put up this site?

As I said before recent times have seen a big increase in agitations over "protection" of Animals' Rights. These activists leave no stone unturned in making a general nuisance of themselves.

And if "BEING ALIVE" is the only criteria that qualifies the animals for protection of their rights then why isn't the same protection extended to plants who are also alive.

If it is wrong to eat animal based foods because they are living creatures, then how on earth can the animals rights activists justify consumption of plant food as AN ALTERNATIVE to meat!!!!!! Isn't this approach slightly discriminatory.

These activists will not let us take steps to protect ourselves from animals. You cut the tree that produced the oxygen you breathe .... no reaction, but you kill the dogs who bit a whole lot of your neighbours (and may be you or a member of your family) or tore up your cat or a goat or some other animal and these people get you arrested and sent to the cooler.

During my student days in Pune, India, I saw a numbers of really old and beautiful trees being hacked down to widen the Fergusson College road. But not so much as a whimper against it was heard.
More over we never see these activists come forward to protect rats and rodents from being killed. they never take up cudgels with poachers. WHY? Why do they take such a discriminatory approach.

They refuse to care and provide for the dogs themselves. If they love them so much, they ought to care for them and not expect us to tolerate them and the damage they cause. They never compensate damage and death that the beloved animals cause and yet they will prove to be impediments to steps to reduce and eliminate the nuisance.

I have seen in one instance how these activists waste the time of our criminal justice system over "cruelty" to animals issues while prisoners languish in jail awaiting trial. And that is why I decided to put up this site.

I hope that some of you will support and agree with me.


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